Retirementals - David Harvey on why he created Seccl

Abraham and David dive into the nitty gritty of:

  • David’s career and the journey that led him to launch Seccl
  • Insight into Seccl – what it does and the third parties (APIs) it is connected with
  • David’s thoughts on the state of adviser tech today and how ‘Adviser Platforms’ often don’t provide the technology advisers need
  • David sold Seccl to Octopus for £10m, he explains the impact of this and his attitude to money
  • The cost-structure at Seccl: How the costs stack up, whether advisers are adding margins to their costs and whether the model allows for flat fee pricing
  • David’s thoughts on the state of the adviser platform industry today
  • David’s personal approach to retirement and his plans for the future

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