Don't let legacy platforms hold you back

Existing platforms are overpriced resellers of outdated technology. Cut them out, take control and offer your clients the excellent digital experience they demand.

Putting planners back in control

We think that those closest to the customer should control the customer experience. It's why we help...

Clients include

  • Söderberg & Partners
  • Marlborough
  • P1 Investment Management
  • Radiant Financial Group

How can we help?

Don’t compromise on client experience

Delivery models are changing. With more and more of the customer journey conducted online, it’s vital that your digital proposition can match the high-quality in-person service your clients have come to expect.

Don’t let your reputation be damaged by the shortcomings of a service you can’t control. Deliver an experience that’s fast, paperless, and doesn’t involve endless back-and-forth with platform admin teams. Choose control over compromise.

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Build a business fit for tomorrow’s clients

The world has changed beyond measure over the last two decades. But platforms are stuck in a time warp. Systems that don’t connect. Data that’s a mess. Platform upgrades that only lead to a downgrade in service. And repeat.

Don’t damage your business with twenty-year-old tech. Supercharge it with modern software that helps you to boost your efficiency, expand your client bank and flex your proposition to their changing needs. Choose digital over analogue.

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Lower your costs, improve your service

Platforms are too expensive. Powered by the legacy technology of third-party vendors, propped up with their own costly operations teams and pushed for profit by shareholders, they represent poor value for money.

Don’t put up with oversized platform margins for undersized performance. Remain competitive on price – and strengthen your proposition – with the most transparent and affordably priced platform software and services in the market. Choose low cost over high fees.

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Why Seccl?

Code-free. Admin-light. Cutting-edge.

Who's it for?

No firm is too small to benefit

Assets certainly aren’t everything. But as a rough proxy, if your firm currently manages – or has aspirates to manage – £150m of client assets, there’s a potentially strong commercial case for you to take more ownership of the platform experience.

That's because our efficient technology minimises the need for manual processing, while we do the heavy lifting when it comes to custody and client money. Our dedicated customer support team will also give you hands on support to help you launch and grow.

It would have been unachievable for a firm of our size to have our own platform three or four years ago. Seccl has made it possible.
James PridayCEO of P1 Investment Management
Picture of James Priday,CEO of P1 Investment Management

Even if you’ve decided that it’s not right for you, there’s no reason not to explore one of the affordable, paperless adviser platforms that we power…allowing your clients to reap the benefits of a low-cost, high-tech platform without any additional effort or responsibility on your part.

  • P1 Platform logo A NextWealth ‘Digital Process Champion’, and voted number 1 for service by advisers in The Lang Cat’s State of the Nation report. Find out more
    James Priday
    James Priday
  • JustFA logo The all-in-one back-office, investment platform and DFM proposition from national IFA operator, Loyal North. Find out more
    Alexandra Ilinskaia
    Alexandra Ilinskaia

Getting started

From first look to full launch in just a few months


Prep and permissions
After a series of demos (check out our intros here) and the usual DD, we’ll guide you through the process for obtaining new permissions (if you need any).


Deep-dive workshop
An intensive, full-day kick-off workshop to fully understand and document your needs, culminating in a full plan detailing the nature and scope of your integration.


Fee-free integration
As well as guiding you through your technical integration, we’ll offer you support on your regulatory, compliance and legal tasks, too. All at zero cost.


We work with you to onboard your first new assets, and migrate any existing books across to your new platform.

We launched and migrated one client’s book as little as four months after our first conversation. Can you beat them?

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Working together

A guide to working with Seccl

To find out more about the ins and outs of what’s involved – and, in particular, who’s responsible for what – take a read of our introductory guide to working with Seccl.

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An introductory guide to working with Seccl guide

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