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CRM, planning tool, cashflow modeller, risk profiler… whatever your adviser technology solution, embed it in the advice journey with a platform capability of your own.

Advisers love your technology. Why send them anywhere else?

Financial advice is complicated enough, without multiple systems getting in the way. Our software and services can help adviser technology providers to strengthen their proposition, create seamless customer journeys and delight advisers in the process.

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Forget fragmented. Say hello to seamless…

In most spheres of life, technology has ushered in smooth and seamless online experiences. But the advice journey is still as fragmented as ever – typically involving five standalone systems in the delivery of planning and portfolio management, and two platforms (source: the lang cat).

It doesn’t have to be this way. Why shouldn’t advisers be able to execute financial plans in the same tool they used to build them? Or transact from within the CRM they know and love? With our platform tech embedded within your product, they can.

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Strengthen your adviser relationships

As a forward-thinking technology provider, you work hard to make life easier for advisers. But your efforts are being compromised by legacy platforms and their clunky (or non-existent) integrations.

What if you could delight your adviser clients – and deepen your relationship – by owning more of the toolchain? Seccl makes it possible. Cut out the back and forth with platforms and keep advisers using the tool they know and love: yours.

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Why Seccl?

Built by engineers, for engineers

Getting started

From first look to full launch in just a few months


Prep and permissions
After a series of demos (check out our intros here) and the usual DD, we’ll guide you through the process for obtaining new permissions (if you need any).


Deep-dive workshop
An intensive, full-day kick-off workshop to fully understand and document your needs, culminating in a full plan detailing the nature and scope of your integration.


Fee-free integration
As well as guiding you through your technical integration, we’ll offer you support on your regulatory, compliance and legal tasks, too. All at zero cost.


We work with you to onboard your first new assets, and migrate any existing books across to your new platform.

We launched and migrated one client’s book as little as four months after our first conversation. Can you beat them?

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Working together

A guide to working with Seccl

To find out more about the ins and outs of what’s involved – and, in particular, who’s responsible for what – take a read of our introductory guide to working with Seccl.

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An introductory guide to working with Seccl guide

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