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Want to join a business that’s powering firms at the cutting edge of fintech and wealthtech? Looking for an inclusive, flexible environment that puts people first? Eager to learn and grow? Join Seccl…

What we do

Powering the next generation of investment platforms

Seccl provides the technology that allows people to access financial markets – buying and selling investments, and holding them in tax wrappers like ISAs and pensions.

We’re the power behind some of the most innovative and well-known consumer investment platforms around today, as well as some of the most forward-thinking financial advice and investment firms.

You can find out more about us here.

What’s it like to work here?

“Fantastic culture, superb team and a clear and exciting mission!”

Not our words, but just one of the many positive reviews that our team have taken the time to leave. Have a look at our Glassdoor to see more.

We strive to create an exceptional atmosphere for our people, where everyone can grow and thrive. We believe in giving people autonomy and allowing them to take ownership of their career. If that sounds like you, check our our latest roles.

Lorraine and Ashley, enjoying the Seccl merchandise A view of the office from the Seccl kitchen
I really like the fact that Seccl is doing something that could have a really big impact on the industry. That’s my main motivation.
Annabel Melvin, Partner Launch Lead
Picture of Annabel Melvin, Partner Launch Lead
The fact I’m still here is all the evidence you need. Software devs tend to move around quite a bit, but I couldn’t be happier. Seccl is for you if you want the freedom to work in the way that you prefer.
Rhymes Toasterface, Senior Engineer
Picture of Rhymes Toasterface, Senior Engineer

Who’s the typical Seccler?

Busting the financial services stereotype…

Truth be told, there isn’t a ‘typical’ person who works at Seccl. We’re a technology company that works in financial services – but as a team, we’re a real mix of people.

There are people with finance experience, people with technology experience, a handful with both, and another handful with neither. In fact, some of the most impactful people come without any direct experience in our field armed only with fresh ideas and a positive mindset.

We’re all unique, and our difference is what makes the team what it is. You can find out more about our approach to diversity and inclusion below…

See for yourself

Culture and benefits

There’s more to life than work…
and there’s more to work than your job!


Yordan, Charlotte and Maddie hitting up BrewDog Amy and James enjoying the Octopus stash We're proud to be one of the UK's top 100 places to work Lorraine and Ashley having a cuppa Annabel and Rachel enjoying a pizza lunch date We take cornhole seriously here at Seccl!
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Diversity and inclusion

We want to build a truly diverse and welcoming place to work

One that celebrates difference and shuns conformity. That’s why we benchmark our gender, ethnic, sexual and cognitive diversity, and talk regularly and openly as a team about the steps we can take to make our environment as welcoming as we possibly can.

In our most recent anonymous survey, we asked to what extent our team felt like they belonged at Seccl – and felt safe to be their authentic selves. The responses were 80% and 90% favourable respectively. 89% of us also agreed that Seccl values diversity.

I didn’t go to university. Instead, I set up a virtual reality (VR) business when I was 19. Seccl provides the perfect place for my combination of skills, experience and interests.
Rachel Godfrey, Account Executive
Picture of Rachel Godfrey, Account Executive
At Seccl, we're encouraged to lead by example. It's great to work for a company that wants to make a positive difference and also set the standard in the industry and beyond.
Arifa Hussain, Product Analyst
Picture of Arifa Hussain, Product Analyst

Open and honest

But we’ve still got plenty of work to do…

We’re still far from being the truly diverse organisation we aspire to be. In particular, we’re working hard to become a much more gender balanced organisation – and are also on track to become an accredited neurodiverse workplace.

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