Powering firms across the retail wealth landscape

Our custody and technology empowers advisers and DFMs to operate their own platform, and fintechs to quickly and affordably launch new investment propositions quickly. Here are just some of the firms we work with...

Financial advisers and investment managers

Empowering firms to operate a platform of their own

We think that advisers know their clients better than anyone else. And so it stands to reason that they’re also the best placed to shape and control the client experience.

Why, then, should advisers give up that control to a third-party platform with clunky, outdated processes? Our recent research uncovered that only 2% of advisers feel in control of the platform experience – but yet nearly 90% think that their clients hold them responsible for it. It's a mismatch many of our clients have sought to tackle – with a platform of their very own.

We don’t offer a platform in the typical sense – one that firms can use ‘off-the-shelf’ or on a white-labelled basis. Instead, we offer custody and investment tech, as well as client and professional portals, that firms can combine to operate their own.

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  • P1 Investment Management
    It would have been unachievable for a firm of our size to have our own platform three or four years ago. Seccl has made it possible.
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  • Intelligent Money
    Rather than looking at white-labelling a third party’s platform, have your own: you’ve got to own your technology.
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  • Ironbright
    We believed that our own platform would give us a lot more control, make us ultimately more efficient and, yes, provide more revenue.
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New and established fintechs

Helping ambitious firms to launch exciting new investment propositions

Around the world, thousands of ambitious fintechs are dreaming of an investment industry that’s fairer, more efficient and more affordable than today’s.

Some are just starting out, looking to get a fast but firm foothold in the market. Others might be well established household names, with many thousands if not millions of customers – but no viable investment proposition. Or not yet, anyway.

Seccl helps both, with simple, ‘plug-and-play’ access to financial markets. With our custody, trading and settlement API it’s never been easier, faster or cheaper to build an innovative investment or advice business. We’re already powering some of the most innovative and fast-growing firms around today.

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  • Chip
    I can see a lot of similarities between Chip and Seccl when it comes to our approach to building products – we are both ambitious, agile and nimble.
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  • Penfold
    Pensions are the best way to save up enough money so you can stop working one day, but 4 million self-employed people in the UK don’t have one...
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  • Multiply
    We want to empower everyone to achieve their goals, regardless of their current wealth or financial situation.
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