We’re rebuilding the infrastructure of investments and advice

In most areas of life, technology has helped to create fast, seamless and highly personalised experiences. But in wealth management, the infrastructure is getting in the way…

Why does it matter?

It’s bad for business

Many financial advisers and investment managers are frustrated with the platforms or investment technology that they use. Integration is painful and costly. Admin staff waste time rekeying data between systems. And clients can end up paying for a service that they’re not really happy with.

Meanwhile, young and ambitious fintechs struggle to get to market because of technology that’s expensive to use and difficult to build on.

And it’s bad for people, too

Unnecessary admin doesn’t just create a nightmare for administrators. It also makes financial advice more difficult to come by, as advisers are forced to turn away less affluent clients.

Meanwhile, the difficulty of launching low-cost investment products means that accessing investments can be more expensive than it needs to be.

Introducing Seccl

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to rebuild the infrastructure of investments & advice

Existing technology is inefficient, inflexible and unwieldy – powered by decades-old software and patched together by manual processes. That’s why we’re rebuilding it, from the ground up.

Our vision is to be the first choice for all investment & advice firms

We want to become an integral part of the investment and advice landscape, building a business that our customers recommend, and where colleagues love to work.

Our vision is to be the first choice for all investments and advice firms

We’re part of Octopus

In 2019, Seccl was acquired by the Octopus Group – a family of companies with…

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How we work

Our operating principles

Lots of companies have values. But we think it’s more useful to provide practical building blocks to guide the way we work, the people we hire, and the things we expect of ourselves and each other. They’re our operating principles – values, made real.