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With our software and services, it’s never been easier, faster or cheaper to launch a new investment or advice start-up.

Powering long-term wealth-creation

We think the next generation of investor needs next generation investment platforms. It’s why we help…

Clients include

  • Penfold
  • Tillit
  • Wombat
  • Raindrop

How can we help?

Get to market fast. And we mean fast.

We know what it’s like to be a small team with big ambitions. You want to move quickly and get to market fast – and need a partner who can match you for agility. That’s us. Our API is built for speed and scalability.

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Everything you need to launch and scale

Our custody service, investment infrastructure and digital tax wrappers provide the key building blocks for a well-rounded investment proposition; while our efficient and developer-friendly API construction makes it simple to launch and scale.

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Zero set-up costs.
Affordable ongoing pricing.

An idea is one thing. Making it real is another. Traditional custodians and investment technology providers can make execution difficult, with hefty integration costs and unaffordable fees. Our pricing is designed with growing companies in mind.

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Why Seccl?

Scalable technology built for a fast-changing future

Getting started

From first look to full launch in just a few months


Prep and permissions
After a series of demos (check out our intros here) and the usual DD, we’ll guide you through the process for obtaining new permissions (if you need any).


Deep-dive workshop
An intensive, full-day kick-off workshop to fully understand and document your needs, culminating in a full plan detailing the nature and scope of your integration.


Fee-free integration
As well as guiding you through your technical integration, we’ll offer you support on your regulatory, compliance and legal tasks, too. All at zero cost.


We work with you to onboard your first new assets, and migrate any existing books across to your new platform.

We launched and migrated one client’s book as little as four months after our first conversation. Can you beat them?

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Working together

A guide to launching your new wealthtech

Our introductory guide covers everything you need to know about launching a new investment or financial advice fintech...

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Launching a new investment or financial advice fintech guide

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