Build the efficient investment or advice firm of the future. Affordably.

Our modular approach to technology gives you the flexibility to pay only for what you need – whether that's a simple custody solution, or a full-service adviser platform of your own.

Typical charging structure

Your client pays you…

Platform fee

A monthly fee covering …
  • Custody
  • Trading costs
  • Investment activity

Your firm pays us…

  • Custody fee

    Charged on each client’s portfolio
  • Trading and investment fees
  • Direct Debit costs
  • Cost for interface (if not building yourself)

Your potential platform margin

A solution that starts at 10bps...

Our custody fee starts at just 0.1% and tiers down to zero for larger portfolios. Try our calculator to see how it could compare, and learn more about the other costs involved. Or just dive straight into the detail.

Get a rough estimate, and explore how the costs work in practice.

Use the slider to choose a rough amount, or type an exact figure into the box.

Roughly what level of assets would you expect to manage? £
£0 £1,000,000,000
Roughly how many investors do you expect to use your service?
0 50,000
Would you be using our off-the-shelf investor or client management portals?
Would you be offering a pension?
Good to know. Roughly what proportion of clients will have one, do you think? %
0% 100%
And roughly how many of those will be in decumulation? %
0% 100%
Roughly how many unique instruments would you be looking to make available?
0 100
And finally, will some of the customers you've told us about have existing assets that you'll want to transfer across?
Ok — roughly what proportion of your target customer base, do you think? %
0% 100%

A rough breakdown of the costs...

  • Seccl charges
  • Custody (assuming 0.1% of total AUM for ease – or an annual minimum of £36k)
  • User interfaces (at £12+VAT per user per year – or an annual minimum of £36k+VAT)
  • Variable or third-party costs, recharged to you
  • One-off cost for initial transfers (assuming £25 per client, or £50 for pension clients)
  • SIPPs (at £50+VAT for accumulation and £175+VAT for decumulation)
  • Instruments (at £36.50 per line per year)
  • Trading costs (assuming 0.0015% of AUM per month)
  • Direct debits (assuming 50% of the clients have one DD per month)
  • Total

It's important to understand...

This calculator doesn't account for the operational cost involved with running your own investment platform.

It's a significant step that will carry certain new and perhaps unfamiliar roles and responsibilities – and will no doubt mean you'll have to hire new administrative, operations or customer service staff.

To learn more about what's involved, take a look at our introductory guide...

Operating your own platform guide

Pricing breakdown

Want to know the detail? We've outlined all the potential costs involved with using our service below.

Digital custody

  • AUM per client Price
  • £0 to £500k 10 bps
  • £500k to £1 million 5 bps
  • £1 million + 0 bps

Clients' platform and adviser charges are calculated based on their end-of-day portfolio valuations during the previous month. Firms will be subject to a minimum custody charge of £36,000 per year.

Client and adviser portals

Our portals for clients and advisers are priced at £12 per year (+ VAT) per client, subject to another minimum charge of £36,000 per year (+ VAT), separate to the minimum custody charge. Note that, unlike our digital custody service, our client portals are subject to VAT. Any improvements to the interface will automatically flow into portals at no extra cost.

Other variable costs

  • Item Cost
  • Direct Debit (per DD) £0.50
  • Instrument charge (per year, per instrument) £36.50, i.e. 100 lines of stock = £3,650
  • Fund transactions No cost
  • UK ETF & Shares (bulk traded at the end of day) 4 bps per trade (minimum of £4)
  • In specie transfers (per line, per wrapper) £1
  • Non-SIPP pension transfers (through Origo) £15 per pension

SIPP costs

  • Account Maximum cost
  • Accumulation £50 + VAT
  • Decumulation £125 + VAT, in addition to accumulation cost (i.e. £175 + VAT)

Note: these variable costs are to cover the charges that we ourselves take on when facilitating transactions.