Affordable, flexible, and always transparent.

Our legacy-free tech means we’re one of the most affordable and efficient custodians and investment technology providers in the market. You’ll only pay for what you need – and we’re always clear on what it costs.

Typical charging structure

An affordable solution that starts at 0.1%

Typically, clients will pay you a monthly platform fee to cover the cost of custody, trading and any investment activity; while we’ll separately charge your firm a custody fee (calculated on each of your clients’ portfolios), a fee for client or adviser portals (if you’re using them), along with any variable costs incurred (like trading fees, Direct Debits, transfers or wrappers).

Our custody fee is designed to be one of the most affordable in the market, starting at just 0.1% and tiering down to zero for larger portfolios. Our minimum charges are designed to be accessible, too: £75,000 per year in the first year, rising to £150,000 per year from year two onwards.

Try our calculator to see how it could compare, and learn more about the other costs involved. Or just dive straight into the detail.

Clients pay you a platform fee covering custody, trading and investment costs, while you pay us a custody fee and other variable costs
Our custody service can be accessed either through our portals, or directly via our API

Flexible and modular

Take our off-the-shelf portals, or DIY with our API

Our custody service and investment technology can either be accessed through our off-the-shelf adviser, DFM and client portals – priced at £12,000 and £24,000 per year respectively, or through your own, custom-built interface that you connect directly via our API.

You’ll only pay for what you use – and there are no costs for integrating, no matter how you choose to.

How much will I pay?

Try our pricing calculator

Get a rough estimate, and explore how the costs work in practice.

Use the slider to choose a rough amount, or type an exact figure into the box.

Target AUM
Average client size
Adviser portals
Client portals

A rough breakdown of the estimated costs in the first year…

£36,000 £0 £0

It's important to understand...

This calculator is only designed to provide a rough and illustrative estimate, and makes a number of assumptions.

For example, we have assumed a blended custody charge of 8bps where the typical client portfolio size is over £100k, to mimic the lower blended custody charge of firms supporting larger client porfolios. For those whose typical client portfolios are smaller, we revert to a blended 0.1% custody charge.

For simplicity, these figures don't include trading costs (which are highly variable and might be passed on to the end client) or payment costs (for example Direct Debits).

It also doesn’t account for the operational cost involved with running your own investment platform. It’s a significant step that will carry certain new and perhaps unfamiliar roles and responsibilities – and might mean you have to hire new administrative, operations or customer service staff.

To learn more about what’s involved, take a look at our introductory guide…

Read the guide

An introductory guide to working with Seccl cover

The detail

Our full pricing breakdown

Want to know the detail? We’ve outlined all the potential costs involved with using our service below.

Digital custody

AUM per client Price
£0 to £500k 10 bps
£500k to £1m 5 bps
£1m + 0 bps

Clients’ platform and adviser charges are calculated based on their end-of-day portfolio valuations during the previous month. There is a minimum custody charge of £75,000 per year in the first year, rising to £150,000 per year from year two onwards.

Client and adviser portals

Our portals for advisers are priced at £12,000 (+ VAT) per year, and client portals at £24,000 (+ VAT) per year. Note that, unlike our digital custody service, our client portals are subject to VAT. Any improvements to the interface will automatically flow into portals at no extra cost.

Other variable costs to think about

Item Cost
Direct Debit (per DD) To be negotiated with DD provider, assume £0.20-0.50
Fund transactions No cost
UK ETF & Shares (bulk traded at the end of day) 4 bps per trade (minimum of £4)
Account transfers (via Origo or ATG) £15 per wrapper

SIPP costs

Account Cost
Accumulation Annual charge of 0.05% paid monthly with a minumum of £12 + VAT and maximum of £48 + VAT per year
Decumulation Annual charge of 0.10% paid monthly with a minumum of £48 + VAT and maximum of £120 + VAT per year
Note: these variable costs are to cover the charges that we ourselves take on when facilitating transactions.

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