Paperless products and wrappers

Access a growing range of products and wrappers, including GIA, ISA, JISA and our newly launched SIPP. All our wrappers are scalable, affordable and genuinely API-first... without a piece of paper or manual process in sight.

The paperless products and wrappers available from Seccl

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Access a range of investment products and wrappers

Our paper-free investment products and wrappers are behind the next generation of affordable, efficient and fully digital adviser platforms. Our growing range includes GIA, ISA, JISA and our newly launched SIPP.

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Custom-built for the future

Introducing: the Seccl SIPP

For far too long, the pensions market has been plagued by legacy products, manual processes and poor customer service.

We wanted to start again with a blank canvas. So we built a market-leading SIPP that’s fully digital, completely flexible and infinitely scalable. Our digital in-house pension solution will provide the right foundation to support the ever-changing needs of advisers and their customers.

If you want to know more, you can download our guide for investment platforms.

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The Seccl SIPP: How it compares

Second phase functionality

Traditional SIPP provider

White labelled SIPP

Seccl SIPP

Online drawdown management (UFPLS + FAD + Drip feed)
Online transfer tracking and updates of all requested transfers in

Third phase functionality

Traditional SIPP provider

White labelled SIPP

Seccl SIPP

Ability to ring fence pension scheme for future bulk transfer
Pre-funding tax relief


SIPP product charges

If you're a partner firm, this is what you can expect to be charged for the Seccl SIPP. All fees are subject to VAT. If you're looking for a more accurate idea of costs, you can use our pricing calculator.

  • SIPP charge

    0.05% min £1 per month/ max £4 per month

  • SIPP drawdown

    Additional 0.05% per annum, max increasing to £10 per month (once launched)

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Third-party products

Integrate easily with third-party wrappers

In addition to being an FCA-approved custodian and an HMRC-registered ISA manager, we also support a variety of third-party integrations from across the investment landscape, such as Offshore Bonds, and SSAS.

  • Canada Life
  • Curtis Banks
  • Day Cooper Day

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