Paperless products and wrappers

Access a growing range of products and wrappers, including GIA, ISA, JISA and our market-leading SIPP. All our wrappers are scalable, affordable and genuinely API-first... without a piece of paper or manual process in sight.

The paperless products and wrappers available from Seccl

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Access a range of investment products and wrappers

Our paper-free investment products and wrappers are behind the next generation of affordable, efficient and fully digital adviser platforms. Our growing range includes GIA, ISA, JISA and our market-leading SIPP.

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Custom-built for the future

Introducing: the Seccl SIPP

For far too long, the pensions market has been plagued by legacy products, manual processes and poor customer service.

We wanted to start again with a blank canvas. So we built a market-leading SIPP that’s fully digital, completely flexible and infinitely scalable. Our digital in-house pension solution will provide the right foundation to support the ever-changing needs of advisers and their customers.

If you want to know more, you can download our guide for investment platforms.

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The Seccl SIPP: How it compares

Functionality being worked on

Traditional SIPP provider

White labelled SIPP

Seccl SIPP

Ability to ring fence pension scheme for future bulk transfer
Pre-funding tax relief


SIPP product charges

If you're a partner firm, this is what you can expect to be charged for the Seccl SIPP. All fees are subject to VAT. If you're looking for a more accurate idea of costs, you can use our pricing calculator.

  • SIPP charge

    0.05% min £1 per month/ max £4 per month

  • SIPP drawdown

    Additional 0.05% per annum, max increasing to £10 per month

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Third-party products

Integrate easily with third-party wrappers

In addition to being an FCA-approved custodian and an HMRC-registered ISA manager, we also support a variety of third-party integrations from across the investment landscape, such as Offshore Bonds, and SSAS.

  • Canada Life
  • Curtis Banks
  • Day Cooper Day

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