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Chip is a fast-growing fintech that helps over 350,000 people to feel good about their money, with an award-winning savings app that allows them to easily grow their wealth.

Over 2020, they’ve introduced a host of new features aimed at helping users to save and grow their money, such as Chip+1, Investment Accounts and Payday Put Away (and they offer a pretty amazing cash interest rate, too) – but the firm had been gearing up to enter the investment market in 2021. Which is where we came in.

Everything you need to know about Chip, in 60 seconds
I can see a lot of similarities between Chip and Seccl when it comes to our approach to building products - we are both ambitious, agile and nimble.
Simon RabinCEO of Chip
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Traditional technology has tended to make launching a new investment proposition slow and expensive – two traits that go against everything that Chip stands for as an energetic, empowering and fast-moving fintech.

The team were committed to finding a partner that would let them build and deploy at a speed that could match their ambitions – getting into market in months not years, and without the hefty set-up costs and long contract lock-ins that established software providers typically demand.

Moving at pace

As CEO, Simon Rabin, put it: "things can move very slowly in the world of finance, but we were determined to bring our customers investment products as soon as possible to answer their need for more democratised wealth-building tools – all without compromising on customer experience and value proposition. Seccl’s technology has allowed us to do exactly that and will further enable us to expand our Investment Platform offering in the future.”

The Chip Investment Platform launched in April 2021, as the latest addition to Chip’s suite of wealth-building tools. By integrating directly with us via API, Chip can provide its users with simple and affordable access to financial markets.

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We were determined to bring our customers investment products as soon as possible to answer their need for more democratised wealth-building tools.

How we work together

Custody and investment APIs, built for speed and scale

We act as custodian and ISA manager for the new investment proposition, safeguarding users’ cash and assets, while our API also handles the trading and settling of investments – allowing users to create and fund accounts, before routing orders to the market.

We’re delighted that our API has helped to break down these barriers to entry, by supporting Chip in getting to market fast – and are looking forward to powering what we’re sure will be a massively valuable platform for Chip’s fast-growing user base. Chip’s mission to make it easier for everyone to put their money to work is one that resonates massively with us here at Seccl – and we’re sure it’s just the start of what their great team has in store!

  • 2016

    Chip founded

  • 350,000

    Customers using the app (and counting...)

  • 2

    Months required for full integration & launch

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