The FML Podcast - Growing Your Fintech Start-Up with Mary Agbesanwa from Seccl

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Listen to the latest episode of The FML Podcast to hear Shameer Sachdev and Mary Agbesanwa, Fintech Growth Lead at Seccl, explore the nitty-gritty of fintech growth.

Armed with her years of experience spanning all corners of the Fintech industry, and her many accolades to match, Mary Agbesanwa joins host, Shameer Sachdev to dive into what it takes to grow a fintech startup.

From the boom of wealthtech to how and why Millennials engage with fintechs, they leave no stone left unturned.

They cover:
👉 Engaging Millennials and Gen Z in fintech
👉 Scaling up as a B2B Fintech
👉 Trust and loyalty within partnerships
👉 Building a community for your fintech
👉 Innovating without disrupting the fintech space
👉 Positioning yourself as the collaborative partner

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