The Behind Login Podcast - How to build an investment app from the ground up

In this month’s podcast, Ollie Lane spoke to Mary Agbesanwa, FinTech Growth Lead of Seccl. Seccl are a custodian and investment technology provider, that offer a suite of APIs that FinTech’s can integrate with to run their own platform, and get to market fast.

The conversation focused around the requirements of building an investment app, how to find product market fit and the challenges that exist for founding teams as they look to build their proposition from the ground up.

Seccl don’t charge any clients upfront for integration and instead monetise through transaction volumes, which creates an interesting dynamic as they select the right business as their clients/partners.

It was great to hear Mary talk about some of the considerations and metrics Seccl use to determine suitability of future clients, and some of the lessons FinTech’s can learn as they build out their go to market product.

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