Powering investments for all ... is wealthtech failing women?

Powering investments for all ... is wealthtech failing women?

‘If women invested at the same rate as men, there would be at LEAST an extra $3.22 TRILLION of assets under management from private individuals today’ – (BNY Mellon IM research, 2022).

Join us for a panel discussion about the gender investing gap, where we will explore the major investing barriers for women, what new and established fintechs are doing to cater to underserved retail clients, and how innovation could be the key to driving inclusion.

Mary Agbesanwa, Fintech Growth Lead at Seccl will be joined by four speakers from across the wealthtech spectrum, all of whom are working to make fintech more inclusive and accessible. Guest speakers include:

Ruth Handcock: CEO of Octopus Investments, Chair of Seccl and Octopus Moneycoach
Margot de Broglie: Co-Founder of Your Juno
Felicia Hjertman: Founder and CEO of Tillit
Natasha Jones: Early Stage Investor at Octopus Ventures

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