Introducing the Seccl SIPP: custom-built for the future


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Introducing the Seccl SIPP: custom-built for the future

For far too long, the pensions market has been plagued by legacy products, manual processes and poor customer service.

Today’s most high-volume pension products are built on 20-year-old tech, and while some might boast a shiny online façade, they are primarily underpinned by people-driven manual checks and processes which makes them inherently risky, prone to error and unnecessarily costly.

SIPP brochure

SIPP brochure

We wanted to change that. So we’ve built a digital in-house pension solution that will prove game-changing for advice firms and help to make building a pension accessible to everyone, regardless of their wealth.

Introducing… our custom-built, digital-first SIPP! You can learn more about the Seccl SIPP here, or by downloading our guide for investment platforms.

Our custom-built SIPP: fit for the future

Our approach to pensions is completely different to other products on the market. We started with a blank sheet of paper, and set out to build an entirely digital and automated product that can be designed around the individual requirements of any advice firm or fintech.

As a result, our tech stack now powers pensions with no paper, no post, no salespeople, no six-monthly release schedules and no call centres. Everything is online, all the time via our APIs.

The Seccl SIPP provides ample client flexibility that allows end investors to…

  • Illustrate and apply within a few minutes

  • Transfer pensions from other providers

  • Establish, increase, reduce or pause contributions at any time

  • Set-up both single and regular contributions, via direct debit, debit card or open banking,

  • Access a wide range of investment options

… all without a piece of paper or manual process in sight.

Purpose-built to provide our advised clients with a simple, tax-efficient way to invest their savings ready for retirement, our new SIPP provides firms with a fully digital, flexible and scalable experience – the right foundation to support the ever-changing needs of advisers and their customers.

If you want to know more about our SIPP, or to request an introductory pitch document, please contact