Client Sprint Update


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Client Sprint Update

We have now finished the Client sprint and can confirm that the following has been completed:

Update the client Ui design to ensure all functionality is easily seen

Following feedback from our clients, we have updated the client user interface. The updates include changing the display of the clients portfolio view so the overall value and growth is more visible. In addition to this update, we have also added in the ability to move from a client account back to the portfolio view without having to click the logo.

client ui

Add visibility to the fees a client pays on their account and regular payments that have been instructed

We also received feedback where it would be a better experience for a client to be able to see more information on their account. To improve this we have added the ability for a client to see the ongoing adviser and ongoing discretionary fees associated to an account. We have also added the ability for a client to see the regular payments in they have setup on their account. In addition to adding in more information, we have revealed the options within the multi action button to now display for the client to see clearly.

client ui

In addition to the above we also completed the following in the sprint:

  • BUGS- Deleting Regular Payment — Unable to remove Regular Payment & repeatedly asked for Direct Debit Mandate
  • Investment Table — Update the Investment table to display transactions and ellipsis
  • To start the development of the Adviser recommendation accept and reject client screen

The planning has been completed for the next sprint and we will be completing development within the Professional User Interface. We hope to complete the following:

  • Add additional information to dividend payments
  • Update the regular payment function to allow Bank Transfer regular payments
  • Add the ability to add an asset to your firms asset list

If you have any questions please do get in touch.


The Product Team