Professional Sprint update


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Professional Sprint update

Capture decision maker details on a model

To ensure that we comply with the regulatory requirements for transaction reporting we need to capture the investment decision maker on model portfolios. The additional information we need is as follows:

ui decision maker details

The additional information we capture is attached to all Equity and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) trades generated in a rebalance. This is then used in our regulatory daily transaction reporting.

If you would like more information regarding transaction reporting please do get in touch.

Trust setup — Bank details will be mandatory

When creating a Trust there is a need to capture the bank details of the trust on the account. This is to ensure that any payments received or withdrawn are only through the Trust bank account. The bank details have been updated to be mandatory on a Trust account to ensure this is always captured.

ui bank details

Account setup — Only show nodes available to the client in this list

Where there are multiple nodes used within a firm structure, a user can have the option to select a number of nodes within the hierarchy. When creating an account for the client, the node will have to match that of the client node. Following feedback from clients, we have updated the node options to match only the nodes that the client has rather than displaying all options. This means that it will be more clear to the user the option they can chose.

ui select node

In addition to the above we have also completed the following development:

  • Add a list of providers when instructing a transfer

  • Update to the pension payment instruction we capture

  • Add a transfer section onto the report for a client portfolio and account
    The planning has been completed for the next sprint and we hope to complete the following:

  • Add an additional section on client setup to capture if a client has been seen face to face

  • BUG — When cloning a model the decision maker information isnt included

If you have any questions please contact us.


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