Has lockdown made you rethink your technology?

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Has lockdown made you rethink your technology?

I recently presented a short webinar at Citywire’s Virtual Fintech Forum – its inaugural broadcast devoted to cutting edge financial planning and wealth technology.

During the session, I asked the hundred-odd advisers and wealth managers attending a simple question: has lockdown made you more or less likely to reconsider the technology that their firm uses?

The result was stark: a staggering 92% are more likely to take stock of their tech stack in light of recent events.

It’s not hard to see why. Over the last few months, many advisers will have had to grapple with new tools to make remote working, well, work. Our new and strange routine means that keeping in touch demands not just a greater dose of proactivity, but a better handle on technology, too.

And while lockdown begins to loosen, most won’t be rushing back to the office. I recently read some research from the recruitment company Fram Search, which showed that – by some happy coincidence! – 92% of its survey panel would like a combination of office and home based working in the future. There’s no going ‘back to normal’; whether we like it or not, we may already be in it.

Embedding technology within your business, then, is more important than ever. But where do you start and how do you go about it? These are just some of the issues I explored in my webinar – so if you’re one of the 92% of advisers or wealth managers who’s beginning to rethink their tech, it could be a useful watch.

I’ll take you on a quick, whistle-stop tour of some innovations out there in the market, discuss how you can capitalise on the boom in ‘no code’ software tools, and explore some of the cultural issues you’ll want to consider when thinking about building your team of the future.

You can tune in above.

Where do I start?

Check out our handy tech cheat sheet

Check out our handy tech cheat sheet

When it comes to technology, it can be hard to know where to start, or who to go to for what. That’s why we’ve pulled together a simple cheat sheet showing just some of the many providers out there with solutions that could help your business…

So if you’re looking to get a broad grasp of what’s available, you could do worse than to check it out… I hope you find it useful!