National IFA operator, Loyal North, uses Seccl to launch new platform

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We’re delighted to announce that Seccl has partnered with Loyal North PLC, the parent company for local UK IFA firms, as it moves to operate a new adviser platform.

By combining in one place an adviser back-office system with investment platform functionality and remote client-servicing capabilities, the newly named ‘JustFA’ platform aims to streamline the advice process – helping financial advisers to deliver a more efficient and effective service to their clients.

Thanks to the JustFA platform, advisers can carry out every step of the advice process – onboarding, fact-find, recommendation and implementation – from one place.

How it works

The JustFA platform is built on Seccl’s custody and order execution technology – and makes use of our range of tax wrappers, too – while its investment proposition is delivered through the experienced asset manager, Fusion Asset Management.

Its back office and client portals, meanwhile, have been custom-built by JustFA’s technology team itself – with all modules integrated via API.

Responding to the need for remote client servicing in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, these portals even support video calls and co-browsing from within the platform itself – helping advisers to keep in personal touch with their clients, and remain compliant, without meeting face-to-face.

And all at a highly competitive price. “By combining new technology with a traditional culture of financial advice and investment management, we are delivering a quality full-advised proposition to clients at a 1% total fee”, adds JustFA’s CEO, Alexandra Ilinskaia.

Platform and portfolio management fees are each set at 0.25% of clients assets, while on-going advisory services are priced at 0.5% pa.

A strong partnership

Explaining the decision to work with Seccl, Alexandra commented: “We were very fortunate to find a partner with similar views on the future of the advisory market in the UK. We both believe that delivering affordable technology solutions to advisers can carry enormous benefit to a wide range of retail clients.”

As for us here at Seccl, we’re thrilled to be supporting yet another forward-thinking advice business as it looks to future-proof its operation with a slick and seamless platform set-up of its own.

As our co-head, Sam Handfield-Jones, puts it: “We’re delighted to have supported Loyal North on their journey to operating their own platform. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown once and for all just how important system integration is to the delivery of advice – and we’re sure that many others will look to follow suit by developing a fully digital advice platform of their own.”

The reaction so far

The platform has been launched initially with advisers from within the Loyal North group – and, according to Alexandra, “the initial feedback has been extremely positive.”

So much so, in fact, that the platform will soon be offered out to other firms from outside the group. “We think it offers a really attractive set of options for IFAs who are looking to become more efficient, broaden their client base, or simply provide their clients with a quality service at lower fees.”

It’s a model we at Seccl think will gain in traction over the coming months and years, as the use of technology to create efficiencies becomes all the more important.

“As more firms look to make their first moves into consolidation – or seek to pursue a regional network model – the role that technology can play is gaining even greater significance”, explains Sam.

“We’re already seeing growing appetite from firms looking to capitalise on the efficiency, customer experience benefits and revenue potential that operating a platform can bring.”