Operate your own
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Control your destiny. Own the client relationship. Improve customer experience. All with a platform of your very own.

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Why operate your own platform?

Platforms letting your clients down? Don’t let them.

Are clunky, paper-based and expensive platforms causing frustration for you and your clients? Do you feel like your reputation’s being damaged by the shortcomings of a service you can’t control? Maybe it’s time to operate a platform of your own.

Create a customer experience that’s better, faster and cheaper

With a new, Seccl-powered platform, you can deliver an experience that’s fast, fully paperless, and more affordable than ever – and doesn’t involve endless back-and-forth with platform admin teams.

Take control of your destiny –  and your client relationships

When you run your own platform, your clients enter a legal relationship with you, not a third-party platform. If you ever want to change your custodian or tech partner in the future, you don’t need your clients’ permission.

Interview with James Priday

Integrate your business, and own more of the value chain

‘Vertical integration’ isn’t without its controversy. But for the right firms, and with the right technology, the decision to own more of the value chain can improve the client experience, at a substantially reduced cost.

Stay immune from platform M&A and forced migrations

Has ongoing consolidation in the platform market left you concerned about the prospect of major upheaval and forced migrations? With a platform of your own, you’re in control of the platform stack.

Cutting out the platform

Cutting out the plaform

Cutting out the plaform
We’d grown frustrated with the clunky, inflexible and inefficient technology of existing platforms, and decided to run our own on cutting edge tech. You no longer have to be a large national network to do so – and I’d strongly encourage it to other ambitious firms looking to stay ahead.
Damien Rylett, CEO of IronBright
Picture of Damien Rylett, CEO of IronBright

How does it work?

More than a white label: take control of the platform experience

Rather than providing a platform in the typical sense, firms can use our outsourced custody and investment technology, along with our professional and client portals, as the infrastructure on which to build and operate a platform of their own.

We’ll handle the custody and client money, as well as powering the trading and settlement of assets. Our clients take on the role of platform operator – owning the legal relationship with the end investor, handling the day-to-day admin and adviser/client support, and earning the platform fee in the process.

It gives forward-thinking firms an opportunity to take meaningful control of the platform journey, and do what they do best: deliver an amazing customer experience.

High-level relationships

Exploring the options

‘Platform ownership’:
How does it compare?

White label, appointed rep, platform service provider, adviser-owned platforms… the market is full of jargon, but not a whole lot of clarity. We thought we’d define some terms, and break it down the options (as we see them!) for advisers exploring their next step in the platform journey…

Who is it right for?

You don’t have to be a large firm to operate your own platform

It used to be the case that only large firms or national networks could afford to run a platform of their own. Not any more.

Advances in technology mean that the economics of platform ownership have changed, and clients of smaller firms can enjoy the benefits, too. Head to our pricing page to find out more and start testing the business case.

See pricing in full
It would have been unachievable for a firm of our size to have our own platform three or four years ago. Seccl has made it possible.
James Priday, CEO of P1 Investment Management
Picture of James Priday, CEO of P1 Investment Management

You’ve already got a platform admin team… use them for yourself!

You don’t need to hire plenty of new staff to run your own platform. After all, your admin team probably spends huge amounts of time dealing with platforms at the moment – time they’ll get back when they’re out of the frame…

You don’t have to be big, but you do have to be ready

Choosing to operate your own platform is an important step that brings new levels of control, but new responsibilities, too.

You might need to get new permissions, and will likely want to consider your corporate structure, governance procedures and capital adequacy. To find out more about the ins and outs of what’s involved, take a read of our introductory guide.

Read the guide
Our guide to operating a platform

Not ready for your own platform?

Try a Seccl-powered platform instead…

Operating a platform may not be right for your firm at the moment. But what if you still want to enjoy the benefits of a next-generation platform – one that’s affordable, fully paperless and easy to use? Luckily, you can still explore the platforms we power.

This could be the perfect option for firms who want to improve their current offering but aren’t quite ready to operate a platform of their own.

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