Learn basic coding and earn 9 hours of CPD with Seccl's API Academy

Join our online course to learn the skills required to extract and input data using any open API. Watch our on-demand webinars to gain two hours of CPD...

What is it?

A chance to get first-hand experience of APIs

Our API Academy will give you a practical, working knowledge of APIs. We'll teach you the basic coding skills you'll need to extract and input data using any open API – skills that will come in handy when (for example) building reporting dashboards, or creating or updating client records.

The course is designed for anyone working in financial advice or investment management, regardless of role or seniority – and will be delivered digitally through a combination of webinars and virtual workshops.

  • Up to 9 hours of CPD
  • Course is entirely online
  • Completely free
  • Webinars & workshops

Watch our on-demand webinars

While many of the advice professionals we speak to express a real desire to get to grips with the basics of coding, they all struggle to know where to start or who to ask.

Our API Academy aims to fill that gap – giving you the real-world skills to use and manipulate APIs day-to-day.
Annabel Melvin, course lead
Picture of Annabel Melvin, course lead
If, like me, you spend a lot of time trying to access and analyse data from different sources – often with different levels of success and in various non-user-friendly formats – then I would recommend that you sign up to the Seccl API Academy.
Ian Beardow, Operations Director, Courtney Havers
Picture of Ian Beardow, Operations Director, Courtney Havers

The programme includes two hours of on-demand webinars and four workshops. Unfortunately the workshops are now fully booked (they were in super high demand!), but you can still watch the webinars to clock up two hours of CPD.

If you want to register your interest on our next round of workshops, add yourself to the waiting list below.

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What will I learn?

By the end of the course, you'll know...

When is it?

Our online workshops
have been fully booked!

The programme consists of four 60-minute online workshops hosted throughout May 2022, which has been fully booked. Each workshop will be supported by its own webinar (available on-demand below), along with a small homework project.

How can I stil take part?

Watch our webinars to clock up 2 CPD hours

Places on our workshop have been fully booked, but you can still learn the basics of APIs – and earn a few hours of CPD – by watching our on-demand webinars below. We recommend watching them in order (and we'll email you your CPD certificate after you watch each one).

While you're at it, why not check out our other webinars, too?

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Someone tuning into one of Seccl's on-demand API Academy webinars
  • 1. An introduction to APIs

    1. An introduction to APIs

    Learn about what APIs are used for and how they can help

  • 2. Computer programming

    2. Computer programming

    Discover what computing programming is and how you can get to grips

  • 3. Data-driven decisions

    3. Data-driven decisions

    Find out how data can help to drive better decision making

Annabel Melvin
Find out more about Annabel...

Who's teaching the course?

Annabel Melvin, course leader

As one of Seccl's Senior Account Execs, Annabel works closely with our customers to help them use tech to create a more successful, sustainable business. She's passionate about the role that technology – and in particular APIs – can play in making life easier, faster and more efficient.

You can meet Annabel and find out more about the course in our short intro Q&A webinar. Watch now!

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